Mohammed Dahlan: The US will not succeed in excluding Jerusalem from the final negotiations

  • 17:17 - 07 March - 2019

The US approach has no chance of being a gateway to peace, said Mohammed Dahlan, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Speaking during the Alghad Middle East Forum 2019 in London, he said that the US administration was not taking a course that could lead to a truly positive outcome in settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“It is not qualified to do this because of its bias towards Israel,” he said.

Dahlan stressed that any agreement needs to take into account the interests of both parties and listen to their concerns, however, he said the Trump administration is keen on a deal that satisfies the Israeli side at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people.

He criticized the US administration's efforts to withdraw the issue of Jerusalem from the negotiating table and stressed that no one could exclude Jerusalem from being an essential point in the peace process.

"Who are you to decide the fate of the holiest cause for Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims?” Dahlan asked US President Donald Trump. “We have been fighting for Jerusalem for 70 years and no one can exclude Jerusalem from the final status solution and if it were necessary, we would still fight another 70 years."

He said that different generations of Palestinians would follow this path until their legitimate national demands are met. “Neither the Israeli prisons nor US pressure will intimidate them.”

"The danger does not lie in the failure of Trump's peace plan, but in the consequences of its failures and its aftermath," Dahlan said, adding that “the fall of a two-state solution would only result in a one-state solution and this represents prospects of an endless internal war between the Palestinian and the Israeli people.”

He added that the “Palestinians understand that they can not achieve military victory with Israel and they know that all Arab nations are unable to do so as well,” but he pointed out that "the Palestinians still have the ability to sacrifice and continue to pursue their national goals.”

"We are looking for life, not death, and we are looking for the life we ​​deserve," he said.

Dahlan said that Palestinian divisions weakened the national position and served Israel, adding that "those responsible for the continued divisions are Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas."

He renewed his call to Abbas, demanding he go to Gaza, but he said the Palestinian president "does not want to visit Gaza because he does not want to unite the Palestinian people."