The conclusion of the Alghad Middle East Forum 2019

  • 14:14 - 01 March - 2019

Under the title "Impossible Mission: Trump's Deferred Peace Plan for Peace the Middle East," Alghad TV hosted its second international conference in London hosted.

A host of diplomats, politicians, stakeholders, media figures and individuals interested in the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The meeting was attended by Palestinian leader Mohammed Dahlan, former US envoy to the Middle East Dennis Ross, former senior US diplomat Gamal Helal and David Makovsky, director of the Middle East peace process at the Washington Institute.

The panel discussed the prospects of the Trump administration’s proposed peace plan, which has been dubbed as “the deal of the century”, and was moderated by renowned journalist Riz Khan.

Sharing their long experience in the Middle East peace process and the negotiation between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the speakers explained how the US’s role in the region's oldest conflict has changed.

According to the speakers, the US administration headed by President Donald Trump, has changed its role in the Palestinian cause after it decided to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. The leak from President Trump's deal to bring peace to the Middle East does not reflect a clear American will to implement the two-state solution.

The Palestinian MP and leader Mohammed Dahlan said that the Palestinians have the patience and determination to keep their cause alive forever and they will not accept to waiver their rights, no matter what.

He pointed out that the current US administration is trying to bury the two-state solution, which leaves the Palestinians with a one-state solution as the only other option, which Israel fears more than the two-state border.

Former US envoy to the Middle East, Dennis Ross, said that in order to maintain the confidentiality of the details of the peace plan, the US administration kept the team small and excluded many institutions and ministries. He said “the Palestinian issue does not need a friend, it needs an active friend and the US needs to maintain its role in the efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Former diplomat and former chief US interpreter Gamal Helal said Washington plays a key role in the Palestinian cause and the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem does not mean that the United States is no longer interested in resolving this issue.

He also said out that the US role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict must continue, but he does not know whether the Trump administration is able to play this role.

According to David Makovsky, director of the Middle East peace process at the Washington Institute, if the United States fails to bring peace to the region, its role in the region will be threatened in the future.

He said that the decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem was to fix an earlier issue, however, Washington could have obtained a concession from Israel in the Palestinian issue in return for this decision, but missed the opportunity.

The Alghad Middle East Forum is one of the most important platforms for strategic dialogue on the region.

The forum witnessed a great and distinguished turnout and attracted considerable attention to the social networking platform, which confirms that the Palestinian cause remains the most central and pivotal issue for the Arabs.


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