About Alghad Middle East Forum

It seems that 2019 is posing to be a crucial year for the Middle East, especially regarding the worsening Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Trump administration’s decision to defer the introduction of its peace plan, which has been dubbed as the "deal of the century", came from President Donald Trump himself, exacerbating the political situation by further clouding the region's future.

Alghad TV will host a forum on 28 February 2019, entitled "Mission Impossible: Trump's Deferred Peace Plan for the Middle East". The forum will discuss the tensions in the region, the role of the United States and the European Union in peacekeeping, as well as the major political challenges resulting from the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The speakers at the forum will highlight the political challenges in the region in 2019, based on their vast experience and deep understanding of the political situation in the Middle East. Among the issues that will be discussed are the prospects for the “century deal” that the US president is seeking in the Middle East and the challenges that may hinder the plan, amid doubts and reluctance from the concerned parties. The forum will be attended by several politicians, diplomats, influential figures, journalists and other parties interested in the Middle East.


The session will be moderated by internationally acclaimed journalist Riz Khan and the speakers will include:

- Ambassador Dennis Ross, former US envoy to the Middle East and William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

- Mohammed Dahlan, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Fatah Party’s Central Committee.

- Gamal Helal, senior diplomatic interpreter and former special adviser to the US government.


Additional Information:

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